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XuFu looked at her son that obviously True Religion Jeans outlet sweat-soaked a big T-shirt back, mind is secretly love dearly: Mr Ozawa is too sensible, so lets a person love dearly, not only of school in the town the clinic found a part-time job, And every weekend rest back to help not to say, in order to save a few money fare, but even the car all don’t sit by bike instead of 100 miles to come home.

Thought of here, XuFu started to light sighed, although true religion jeans for women he is not their biological child, but it is better than his younger brother and sister are much more sensible, I don’t know what good fortune, can get such a child.

“Dangshen thirty grammes, HuaiShan 50 grams, white atractylodes mens true religion jeans 30 grams, medlar 50 grams, lotus seed thirty grammes…” XuZe skilled pull a medicine drawer, from inside grabbed a YiBaBa medicine, in the ChengPan, almost no how too increase or decrease, is almost portions, then fast to a small ChengPan a small ChengPan medicine pour into thick piece of card, less than two minutes, then put down small scale, and took out a sanzhen material bag will slip top down in the medicine, laughing and handed the past, way: “zhang neither do you want, steamed chicken medicine!”

Zhang neither rejoice took medicine bag, handed me ten dollars, say true religion skinny with smile: “or o ze speed, if you don’t come back, I can still do not know until what time!”

Neither took the medicine, such as zhang next one crowded come, is the man, XuZe are to bring him a few times medicine, look at the shape seems accompanies made again, fruit listen to his way: “o ze, my son head and hurts the two days, and you are quick to bring me some medicine?”

“Uncle li, you migraine made again?” XuZe side nod side leaned over the counter nayao, helpless way: “uncle li, you this a migraine headache indeed a good, don’t really have much good way!”

“I know, has seen a few hospitals; however, you now, o ze in star city medical school, seeing much, can help true religion bootcut you uncle li think, if it continues to way not!” Uncle li Yang Yang has some gray eyebrow, looking at XuZe wry smile way.