Nude photos of a British model were posted on the Web

The British reality TV star and model Nicola Mclean found her nude photos on a pornographic site. Mclean gained her popularity thanks to the Celebrity Big Brother show. According to the model, she initially sold her photos to the agency but because of an information leak, they were in the public domain. Photos were stolen, reports The Sun.

“When people are hacked, I usually think that they definitely did it themselves. I am sure that there is some truth in this. But I didn’t do so and my iCloud or something else wasn’t hacked – it happened with the photo agency itself,” the star shared.

The girl also added that in the stolen photos, she is not completely naked but the fact of their appearance on the Web is very embarrassing to her. The pictures are now on a porn site.

Kim Kardashian reveals worrying symptoms of lupus antibodies

38-year-old Kim Kardashian is in despair. Doctors tell her that according to the analysis, she has a serious autoimmune disease, which is not only incurable but often leads to death.

Kardashian, raising four children, some time ago began to experience unusual constant fatigue, and by the end of the day, she literally can’t stand on her feet. Then her joints started to hurt and swell. She took the tests but the result plunged her into an even deeper depression. “Your test for antibodies to lupus has a positive result,” the doctor of Kardashian announced. And when Kim began to sob uncontrollably, he tried to calm her: “You should repeat the test. Sometimes the results are false positive...”

Alas, Kim will spend several more painful days awaiting the results of a reanalysis. But all this time, Kim will probably think about the worst. After all, she knows well what this disease can lead to. The consequences of lupus have become well-known to almost everyone after Selena Gomez shared her story on the Web. The singer almost died when her kidneys failed as a result of this disease. The singer was saved only by the fact that her friend Francia Raisa donated her own organ.

Gigi Hadid dates the star of The Bachelorette show

In January, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik broke up after more than three years of dating. The lovers never managed to reconcile their work schedules, and long partings, as we know, not always kindle a fire of passion. But it seems that Gigi didn’t want to stay alone long: the other day, the paparazzi noticed her on a date with the 26-year-old fashion model Tyler Cameron, the star of the American reality show The Bachelorette, in which single girls are looking for their love. “Gigi loves the Bachelor show, she watched the season, and Tyler was her favorite. When she found him on Instagram, they had a lot in common, so they decided to meet. They will see each other again with pleasure if their busy schedules allow them,” said one of the sources.

Tyler and Gigi really met more than once. And while some Web users claim that all this looks more like a well-organized public relations campaign, others are happy and wish her good luck.

Source: Single girls picture

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